The Mystery of Miracles is drawn from a lifetime of experiences and events the author considers as evidence for universal oneness with the Divine and with humanities’ ability to align with one another.

At the end of each chapter there is a review of the basic elements of a particular type of miracle, with explanations as to how and why the respondents acted in each case. By building up trust and confidence, the reader may then be inspired to step out and facilitate miracles for themselves and others.

The book is chocked full of OMG miraculous events, written with honesty that sometimes hurts, humor when appropriate, and a passion to persuade each and every one of you–no matter your religion, sect or culture—that you can experience a transformed life full of miracles.
How is this possible? The author believes all paths for humanity lead to the One Source of all— by any name or label— a God of Unconditional Love who wants everyone to experience more peace, love, joy and abundance in their lives.
​"Beatrice Schuller's book, The Mystery of Miracles is very well written and engaging. I enjoyed the humor sprinkled throughout the writing and loved the quotes she chose to include.

"The stories the author shares, such as the one about the vision of the car almost crashing, are entertaining while at the same time it is clear her intention is to bridge the gap between faith and opinion.  Well done. ~ Michael Mirdad

"Just read your book and LOVED it!!! Thank you for sharing! I know rethinking those experiences was hard but very valuable for your readers!" ~ Sandra Weeks

"My friend loaned me your book which I read non- stop last Friday. Thank you for your brave sharing of your life, and for the inspiration you gave me. I thank you for your instructions for Empowering Truth which I have prayed for. May our Lord bless you in all you do. Blessings, Peace and Love." ~ Shirley

"What a sincere and enlightening book. The author has shown us how she has accomplished so much in her life even when she was up against some incredible adversities all through her spiritual connection. How wonderful that she has shared her life and miracles so others could learn from her experiences." ~Pat Bridgforth. 

"Great read, author combines her life struggles with transformation through her spiritual connection with the creator. Would recommend to anyone - all ages."
~ Bert Kraatz

This book is awesome!!!  A must read! ~Rhonda Piasecki

Excerpt from the Chapter on Fun Filled Miracles:

To celebrate my retirement I booked an all woman adventure tour in Wyoming. Neither I nor the other six gals had ever visited Yellowstone and we were filled with anticipation as our tour guide, Katie, drove toward the park from our camp in Jackson Hole. Katie was telling us she had never seen a grizzly after all these years of leading tours through Yellowstone. I told the group that if we all joined our desires and intentions for that to happen, it would increase the chances. "So do we all agree we wish to see a grizzly on our trip to Yellowstone?"

One gal said, "Yes, as long as it is not a personal encounter," and we all laughed. Our subsequent experiences in Yellowstone, according to Katie, were unprecedented. As we rode our bikes from one geyser to the next they would erupt as if on schedule. This was a first for her to see all of them in one visit. Then we scheduled our viewing of Old Faithful but had to take refuge in a store from a short rain shower. As we emerged, Old Faithful was at it highest and what a surprise we had. We grabbed our cameras to catch a picture of the double rainbow glimmering in the sky over the towering column of water.

I kept saying what a "blessed trip" we were having and it became a joke about "blessed Bea." As we started on the road to exit the park and return to Jackson Hole, a car slowed in front of us and then stopped. We looked to our left and there not thirty feet from the road was a mama grizzly and her two cubs nonchalantly grubbing and grazing. Again, we grabbed our cameras and stood a good while outside the car in awe and so grateful to see such a sight.

Back in the car and talking about next day plans to visit a glacier lake one gal said, "Hey, Bea, can we see a moose tomorrow?" I answered gleefully, "Let's all put our minds to it and ask to see a moose." Katie let us know it was not unusual to see a moose at Cascade Canyon. Next day as our little group hiked alone, along the stream that had formed the lake below, we stopped and opened our backpacks to have lunch. Sitting among the rocks, munching and chatting, we looked up the stream to see a moose calmly walking toward us---whether coincidence or not it was another blessed day.
Beatrice Schuller, a native Texan, former journalist and entrepreneur, recently moved to Sedona, Arizona. There she enjoys new friendships and community work as well as hiking in the beautiful red rocks.

Her writings are drawn from a lifetime of spiritual encounters and supernatural events involving family, friends and even strangers.

In this book, she shares common themes and principles that others can apply to facilitate their own miracles from the Divine Source within us all.

"A gentle book of beautiful thoughts and inspiration."  ~Amanda Romania